This is a fabulous place where my son has a day program. Staff is so great, laugh and enjoy the young people in their care!

Developmental Day Program

We know that some individuals have more complex needs that require specific attention, which is why we have our Developmental Day Program. This program focuses on identifying each Client’s unique strengths while decreasing challenging behaviours.

Through a structured and supportive environment, individuals have the opportunity to improve motor skills, enhance communication, participate in recreational activities, and much more. Since every individual has different needs and abilities, our staff prepare programming tailored to meet each Client’s needs and specific goals.

Included as part of our Developmental Day Program is the Social Learning Program, which helps youth become familiar with a classroom setting before transitioning to a full-time school. In addition to completing academic lessons, Clients learn about appropriate social behaviours and communication in various scenarios throughout the day. Our dedicated staff work with Clients to explain conflict resolution, problem solving, and how to understand and express feelings.

The programming offers a range of options, including cooking, nutrition, personal hygiene, physical fitness, kitchen safety, and much more. With an emphasis on interacting with others, the Day Program uses individual and group learning to help our Clients develop skills. This program also aims to inspire individuals to become involved with their local community through outings and learning skills for successfully engaging in the community. Contact us at for more information.

After School Program

With a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment where individuality is respected and nurtured, our After School Program is for those who benefit from social learning and skill enrichment. In addition to providing opportunities for individuals to enhance social skills and develop interpersonal relationships, our After School Program also gives Clients the chance to participate in various recreational activities. Contact us at for more information.

March Break and Summer Camps

Our annual March Break and summer camps are available to our full-time Clients, as well as families in the community. Our March Break camp is a one-week program, while the summer camp runs during July and August. Both camps are held in Kanata and offer a variety of recreational and social activities along with community outings. Contact us at for more information.

Youth Groups

We are proud to offer two youth groups serving the Ottawa area during the school year. These groups, which are separated for male and female youth, focus on social learning by teaching appropriate social interactions and communication, having group discussions, allowing individuals to interact with one another, recreational activities, and, most importantly, having fun. Contact us at for more information.

Supported Living/Respite Services

For individuals with special needs who require full-time support, Main Street Community Services operates 13 supported living homes in Ottawa West. With a 2:1 Client to staff ratio, our homes offer programs tailored for each individual and incorporated as part of their routine.

And for parents and guardians of special needs individuals, our respite services provide the opportunity for some rest and self-care. Our homes offer a safe and nurturing environment with a structured, supportive, and predictable routine. We ensure that every individual’s needs and strengths are identified to provide programming that is best suited for them.

Our supported living and respite services are offered seven days a week, including holidays. However, spaces are limited and based on availability.

Please send your completed registration forms to:
For more information about our programs, please contact us.

“It’s a real home atmosphere at our respite places. We cook dinner, bake cookies, go swimming, even go to the zoo, watch TV and do the bedtime routine.”